The Family Stone



September 2-3 2022 - Minnesota State Fair
Bandshell Tonight

Address:  1265 North Snelling Avenue
St, Paul, Minnesota 55108
Ticket Office


October 29th 2022

Center for the Arts - Grass Valley

314 West Main Street Grass Valley, CA 95945


November 1st. - 4th 2022

Egyptian Theater
328 Main Street

Park City, Utah 84060
Ph. 855-745-7469

The Music of Sly & The Family Stone

Sing a Simple Song

The Family Stone

Bethel Woods Music & Arts, Woodstock Festival

“The Family Stone Delivered tight grooves and endless hits that kept the audience on their feet all night. The band is powerful, fun, and still funky”

- Matt Mcneil Sr. Director

Rolling Stone Magazine, 1st Iheart Festival

“Then, in the only holy fuck, not-to-be-missed moment of the two days, Steven Tyler and Jeff Beck led a group that included Cynthia Robinson and Jerry Martini of the original Sly & The Family Stone in an arena-electrifying “Thank You (Falletinme Be Mice Elf agin)”

- MGM Grand, Las Vegas

The Family Stone
The Family Stone

The Irish Times, The Electric Picnic

“...thousands of happy people lured to the main arena by their infectious brand of high energy funk. Its a Family Affair, Dance to the music, and a whole host of other instantly recognizable and singalong tunes, played by genuine legends...”

- Conor Pope

The Guardian London, Ronnie Scots

The Guardian London, Ronnie Scots

“The Family Stone boasts three founding members, including saxophonist Jerry Martini, the catalyst for their formation back in hippy San Fransisco. They have a fabulous repertoire from a golden era of psychedelic soul...their catchy, brittle fanfare that make The Family Stone authentic”

- John L Walters

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The Family Stone

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